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Dovetail Drawer BoxDovetail Drawer Box

Dovetail Drawers

Drawers and components that meet the quality your customers have come to expect.

Keypoint dovetail drawers can be your key to increasing production without sacrificing quality.

We understand the deadlines you face, and the special projects you encounter on a daily basis. From unassembled, unfinished drawers and components, to fully assembled and finished items, we are equipped to do it your way. If you can design it, we can make it!
wood samples
Wood Samples
Our basic wood options are select white maple, unselect white maple, red oak, and birch. We will also construct your order from any wood your customer may desire.
square edge
Square Edge
With this option, all the upper edges of the drawer box front and sides have a square profile.
radius edge
Radius Edge
For a more polished look, choose our radiused edge. All top edges of the drawer box front and sides are radiused.
regular scoop
Regular Scoop Front
For ease of pulling out a drawer from its closed position, we offer a scoop front edge. The edges of the scoop are finished the same way as the rest of the drawer edges.
big scoop
Large Scoop Front
If your customer wishes to have a larger scooped front on the drawers, we can do that! Just let us know the specifications and we will make it.
scalloped sides
Scalloped Sides
Our scalloped side drawer, with or without a scooped front, allows for a large drawer with visibility of the contents, as well as making it easier to store and remove larger items.
high back
High Back
If your customers are concerned about losing smaller items out the back of slide out tray style drawers, we can build drawers with an extra high back panel
side tabs
Extended Side Tabs
Our extended side tabs do a great job of hiding the tabs of a full extension drawer slide, making for a cleaner appearance.
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